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To find out more about 注册送28现金 and our products and services, then please take a look at our latest films. 

  • Less gas, more profit

    Rumitech is a feed additive that is shown to significantly reduce emissions and improve feed efficiency in dairy and beef cattle, without affecting productivity.

  • Nutritional Solutions for Pig and Poultry

    Targeted feed mixed on farm with our state of the art Tropper to enhance performance and profitability.

  • Glasgow Vet School - Maxammon Trial

    A recent beef finishing trial conducted by Glasgow Vet School shows significant liveweight gains achieved feeding Maxammon treated grain.  

  • 注册送28现金 Rumen Friendly Nutrition

    Putting the rumen at the heart of dairy farm performance, find out about our Rumen Friendly Nutrition with Mike Phillips, Head of Dairy - RFN and Paul Fenton at Centenary Farm, Cheshire. 

  • 注册送28现金 On-Farm Mill and Mix Service

    An insight into our on-farm mill and mix services for ruminant diets. 

  • 注册送28现金 sheep buckets aid performance

    注册送28现金 Sheep Specialist Murray Smith speaks to Hugh Kyle, Dalmeny Estate, about his experience using 注册送28现金 sheep products.

  • Rumitech - Improved Performance

    Beef Farmer Michael Wilson discusses how 注册送28现金 Rumitech aids beef cattle performance with improved grading and killing out percentages.