South West Scotland Holstein Club AGM & Farm Walk

20 Aug 2019

Crocketford House - the Barbour family

注册送28现金 were honoured to be invited by Richard Barbour and family to be involved in the South West Scotland Holstein Club AGM and Farm walk at Crocketford House in Dumfries on 19 August 2019.

Hosted by the Barbour family, the event was extremely well attended with over 100 visitors who were keen to find out more about the success behind this excellent farming business. Dairy farmers were able to see how Richard Barbour uses calf feeds in his system before taking his animals through on a Maxammon and Rumitech TMR mixed diet formulated by 注册送28现金.

Richard talked to avid listeners about the current pressures of the beef industry before moving on to give an overview of his general operation. He explained how he takes lessons from the feed efficiency and production output of the monogastric industry to align performance on his own unit, carefully analysing input vs output to streamline his business.

Richard and his team work closely with 注册送28现金’s David Mackenzie and Peter Oag to design rations targeted to the specific requirements on farm. One key product being used in the diets is an additive called Rumitech. 注册送28现金 have received assurance from The Carbon Trust that Rumitech reduces enteric methane emissions in cattle by 6%/day and Richard told farmers that he is using the product to both reduce his carbon footprint as well as increase efficiency.

After learning about the management, genetics and nutrition used at Crocketford, visitors were treated to a BBQ before the evening came to a close. David Mackenzie commented: “we were delighted to be involved in this event with one of the most respected beef businesses in the industry. It was good to see some of our products that have successfully been used by dairy for a number of years now a key part of a thriving beef unit. The performance of the business is a credit to the management of the whole team and there were many comments about how well the cattle were looking and performing on the farm.

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